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For years I have had the pleasure of providing professional end-to-end digital media production for various clients and businesses. I create custom content through video production, photography, branded content, licensed drone services, & more.


I have recently produced and created content for the Nevada Gold Mines, Economic Geological Society, Buddies Brand, and Copy Accelerator.


Services I provide include drone photography and videography, video editing, event photography, portrait photography, podcast producing and editing, brand content, documentary film, and more.


In the fall of 2015, ​I began attending San Francisco State University and graduated in 2019. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema, with an emphasis in documentary film & cinematography.  


In 2020, I joined Group Nine Media as an Associate Producer. I helped to create original branded content for THRILLIST, SEEKER, NOWTHIS, & DODO. We partnered with clients such as Nissan, Lays, Microsoft, & More. 


Since then, I have partnered with brands like JAMES BLAND PRODUCTIONS, RED PANEL CREATIVE, BLEND LABS INC., SPG EDU INC., & More. 


In 2018, my passion projects began to focus on short-form documentary narratives. For many reasons, the documentary titled "Liu Shou / Left Behind Children"   is the work I am most proud of; the film was awarded an achievement in "PRODUCTION" at THE 59th annual Film Finals hosted by the San Francisco State University Cinema Department. In addition, the movie "Left Behind Children" was screened at the Poppy Jasper 2021 International Film Festival. I was the Director of Photography and the lead camera operator, working alongside a fantastic crew, including three others and two translators. I believe it is the best example of my documentary cinematography work and style. 


This project was challenging due to government regulation, language barriers, and time constraints. It forced us as a crew to work together to find creative solutions, which I believe ultimately led to the project's success. Most of the past documentary projects I have worked on are run and gun, so it is a goal of mine to continue working towards raising funds and producing a documentary production and passion project, allowing for greater flexibility in shaping the story's visual elements. 


An example of my editing style would be the One Minute Documentary.  

This particular example highlights Anastasia Kobekina, a world-renowned cellist competing at the Schoenfeld International String Competition. I filmed and edited this while working as a camera operator for my professor Weimin Zhang in Harbin, China. She decided to hire me and offered me an incredible opportunity to cam op for the documentary that she was directing. The project was focused on diving into the rich musical history of the city of Harbin and following the musicians who were competing at the Schoenfeld International String Competition. Although it's a short edit, I believe it displays my ability to tell an emotionally captivating story in an economical amount of time.


In search of a comedic project, I collaborated with Graham Allan Law. Along with a crew of artists, actors, skateboarders, & musicians, we created the mockumentary short "LOVING LAMANTIS" (2019). The story follows Lamantis, a hopeless musician trying to build back the bridges he recently burned. And it all takes place within the San Francisco underground music scene. 


Departing the city, Joe Barnett (Director) & I filmed the equestrian features of the documentary short, THE TRUE HISTORY OF THE PONY EXPRESS (2019). We took to the rural Northern Californian hills and were lucky enough to find kind friends who supported the film in the little country town of La Honda.


In Spring 2018, John Fields (Director) & I crossed the border and traveled to Rosarito, Mexico. In return for a fictional narrative, we produced and filmed the documentary short, "EL DIBUJANTE" (2019). A poetic tale of artist Hugo Crosthwaite. 

I have produced short films such as LEMON CAKE (2019), a silent film in black and white. The movie sought to expose the inner turmoil of an older woman named Sarah, which takes place on her not-so-happy birthday. The short film was screened at the Roxie Theatre in San Francisco, New York's 8th Annual Chain Film Festival, and the Imagine India Festival, International Film Festival XX Edition - Madrid 2021.

​While attending SFSU, I collaborated with my cohorts to produce and promote live events such as the "San Francisco State University's 2018 Film Finals". While programming this event, I developed a passion for archiving media, experimental (other) cinema, and cinematheque ( festival programming) 

In the summer of 2018, I spent two months exploring Huangshan & Harbin, China studying & producing a documentary film. During that time, I worked with a fantastic crew of fellow SFSU cinema graduates to create "Left Behind Children." 

While attending SFSU, I was hired as a Camera Operator for the feature documentary film, "The Soul of Music" (unreleased), working under the direction of Prof. Weimin Zhang of San Francisco State University and produced in Harbin, China. 


I edit primarily using Adobe Premiere, Media Encoder, After Effects, Lightroom & Illustrator. About 95% percent of the work on my website was shot and edited by myself. However, Matt McKee, one of my mentors, filmed the original footage used in the Blend Lab videos and I then reproduced and edited it. I produced this project during the 2020 pandemic when companies were freezing their productions. Luckily, the company Blend Labs Inc. was on board and trusted me to breathe new life into the video material. I love a good challenge, so working with found footage and archived material is always a fun and creative space, which I enjoy.


Want to know more? Just ask!

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