Colin J. Horan is a freelance cinematographer, producer and filmmaker based in

Orange County , California.

As of 2020, he joined Group Nine Media as an Associate Producer and helped to create original branded content.


In 2019, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema from San Francisco State University. 


In 2018, his work began to focus on short form documentary narratives. 


He was the Director of Photography for the documentary film, “Liu Shou” (2018).

The film was awarded an achievement in "PRODUCTION"

at THE 59th annual Film Finals hosted by the

 San Francisco State University Cinema Department. 


Searching for a comedic project he collaborated with Graham Allan Law; together they created the mockumentary short, LOVING LAMANTIS (2019).


In the rural Northern Californian town of La Honda,  he and Joe Barnett (Director), filmed the equestrian features of the documentary short, 



 By Spring of 2018, he and John Fields travelled to Rosarito, Mexico. In a return to fictional narrative, they produced and filmed the documentary short,  EL DIBUJANTE (2019).

A poetic tale of artist Hugo Crosthwaite.  

He has produced films such as, LEMON CAKE (2019). 


In 2018, he collaborated with his cohorts to produce and promote 

"San Francisco State University's 2018 Film Finals" .  


In 2018 he was a Camera Operator for the feature documentary, The Soul of Music (unreleased) , working under the direction of Weimin Zhang.


Prior to this, his works include, “Salt Creek & 10th Street” (2014), “Little Chicken” (2015), “Cabin Fever on the S.S Seasick” (2017), and “Celine’s Slurpees” (2018.)